Crying Over a Cup of Tea


Every year on the Friday before Mother’s Day, my children’s preschool has a beautiful Mother’s Day  Tea and musical program.  I have been attending the tea for more than 5 years and I have grown to dread it!

Its adorable to see a two-year old sing “You Are My Sunshine” dressed up like a sun complete with yellow tutu and sunglass hair bow.  All of the children are totally cute with their clumsy little hand gestures and of course there’s always the unpredictability of young children going off script that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

But I always end up crying.  I don’t mean, I get a little teary-eyed.  I mean I cry until my nose is red and my face is swollen.

This has happened for the last three years.

For me, the adorable and sweet music that brings happy tears combined with the sadness that the tea party was something I used to attend with my mom is an emotional cocktail that I can’t completely handle.  My mind starts skipping through my memories of my mom directing children’s choirs and even preparing me for my first stage solo as a five-year old, and the emotion pushes me over every time.

This past year I was really concentrating on enjoying my tea, snapping a few pictures, and recording a couple of videos without all the tears.  (That’s usually how I handle difficult situations.  Mother’s Day, Christmas, mom’s birthday…I prepare myself in advance for the possibility of sadness and generally cruise through knowing she would want me to enjoy my life with my own kids.)

This year was supposed to be different, I was going to have a peaceful time.  But no!  I made a fatal error, I misread the invitation start time and instead of showing up at what I thought was twenty minutes early to get myself calm and ready, I showed up as my daughters class was walking on stage.  She got there just in time to go on without her pretty little costume.  I felt awful; guilty and embarrassed for messing up on the time and sad and emotional from all the sappy Mother’s Day songs.  I was such a mess I ran out crying leaving my purse behind.

I recovered by Mother’s Day, but after three painful years I have some great pictures and videos but I can honestly say, I have a love-hate relationship with that tea party!




  1. Oh, I am genially so sorry for the mess-up and for your heartache. I really have no words to say, for nothing would be adequate. Just know you are in my thoughts and prayers and your mom would be really proud of you.

    1. Thank you. The amazing thing is my girls weren’t fazed in the least. They both sang their hearts out and the costume-less one was fine knowing she’d wear her costume for me later. They are so sweet.

      1. Awe, they just melt your heart! I am so glad everything turned out okay! Happy belated mother’s day sweet lady!

  2. I can understand your sadness. I almost went this year also but decided that I would be in a pile of tears because of now being a mom and NOT being at the school anymore. Even though I am so happy to be a mom- I felt it would make me sad! So- you did better than I did in that you attended!!! Your girls are so sweet. I am glad that they had fun!

  3. I still cry sometimes when I think of your mom, and I always lose it when I listen to the Colourblind CD. I didn’t even spend much time with your mom! But she was wonderful. If you didn’t cry at this Mother’s Day tea, I would be surprised. Love you, Amy!

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