My Favorite Things (for New Moms)

My little sister is pregnant with her first little one.  We are looking forward to celebrating his arrival with a baby shower soon!

This is very exciting for me since I won’t be purchasing any of these wee items for myself anymore.

I have a small confession:  I used to fill online baskets of baby supplies (I never actually bought the items) and create registries for someday-maybe babies in between pregnancies. 😮

I have some pretty strong opinions after three kids about my favorite things.  Here’s my list:


1. Ultra-soft newborn nightgown like this one:



I love these for the first month or two because they make night-time diaper changes super simple and allow for skin-to-skin contact for baby’s own legs, which most infants enjoy.  Quick, drama-free diaper changes are important for teaching newborns the difference between night and day.

2. Swaddling blankets

I love Aden and Anais, especially for the summer:


Or if your baby is extra wiggly, they make easy swaddles too:



3.  Nursing cover up

My favorite is the Bébé au Lait Nursing Cover;


they are extra long and come in all different designs.  I have given these as gifts often and they are always a huge hit.

4. The best nursing bras ever!!!

I have tried many, many different nursing bra brands and styles.  They are typically itchy, ugly and poorly made.  Itchy things are the worst!  Bravado nursing bras are truly worth the expense when you weigh them against the cost of organic formula and the health benefits your children receive because you didn’t give up on breastfeeding. My first two months of breastfeeding were an awful experience for me.  I just kept telling myself another week.  Then I made it another week and I would do another.  Having itching ill-fitting bras didn’t help my cause.  By my third child, one of my BFF’s gave me a few of these and the difference was AMAZING!  I was able to comfortably breastfeed her for a full fifteen months.  With my first two children I eventually gave up on nursing bras and just wore regular bras and tried to wiggle in and out of them.  That was my best option until I discovered these comfortable, soft, well-made little beauties!


5. Infant Wrap

I had the Boba Wrap back when it was the Sleepy Wrap.   http://www.boba.com/store/baby-wrap/

Some women say their babies don’t like to be wrapped in these things, but my experience was quite the opposite and I wore mine during church, walking through Disney World, even for public speaking situations.  I just strapped baby in and kept going.

6.  Some kind of baby bouncer

These are great items if you ever want to take a shower again!

Seriously, I would always carry my bouncer into the bathroom with me.  I could easily calm baby if he was upset.  Not to mention, the warm mist can be a helpful little humidifier too!  Here’s a shot of one of my girls fast asleep from the warm bathroom shower in her little bouncer.


After I created this list I realized that these are also some of my top-picks because they are all pretty essential in my sleeping plan too:


And I have to thank my girlfriend, who introduced my to the Bravado Bras, but pretty much everything else on the list too!  You know who you are!  XO

PS-Eventually I trained her not to suck her fingers.  When she was in the wrap her arms were strapped in so she reluctantly learned to take a pacifier.


Why I Switched to Cheap, Ugly, Diapers

Potty training is one of the most dreaded tasks of being a parent of young children.


I have done it three times. With each tot, there were times it definitely felt like I was drumming up a lot of activity for no good reason.  Collectively, my kids have had accidents in every space in my home, in every car seat, in grocery carts, on other peoples’ furniture, and at school.  It has taken a lot of perseverance and cleanup to get to the point I am now: three potty trained kids.

During those training days, it was a true challenge for me mentally to see my kids come close to mastery only to revert to daily accidents.

I’m not gonna lie to you.  Pull-ups made it worse!

(I am so happy I figured this out before I started training baby #3, the little general.)

Even though my older two were beginning to master the  potty around 20 months, they were required to wear a pull-up at preschool to save the teachers from constantly cleaning urine (understandable) until some official mastery was reached.  So I purchased those little cartoon-covered big-kid diapers for school.  And, for my own convenience, began using them some for naps, bedtime, and long trips.

Unfortunately, my kids LOVED them.  They were fascinated by the cool designs and how the fresh pee would change the diapers by revealing drawings with special disappearing ink (?) or something.  They really started reverting and although they would use the potty when they were told, they never felt motivated to go it on their own.


Before making the connection that the pull-ups were largely to blame, we tried everything!  Potty charts, prizes, dvd’s about going potty, prizes,  story books, prizes, staying outside naked, and prizes.  It seemed everything had some  positive impact but nothing would stick.


That’s when I brought home the generic, white, probably even slightly uncomfortable diapers.  That did the trick!

Approaching age 3, they were ready developmentally and emotionally to transition to underpants even for sleeping and trips.  So once the option was potty or bulky white diaper, they were ready to move on!  Both big kids were “officially potty trained” at age 3.

You can imagine that when my littlest baby began showing interest in the potty at 18 months we did things differently and reaped different results.  We have never given her a pull-up.  Yes she still has an accident every now and then but she only gets ugly, cheap diapers for nap and bedtime, so she is very motivated to use the potty regularly during her awake times.  She has been “officially trained” since she was 20 months and I couldn’t be happier!


P.S.  I do recommend the potty-training in 3-days initiative as well!  But whether you try that approach or not save your sanity and wallet and forego the pull-ups purchase