Tips for Losing Your Baby Weight in a Healthy Way

When I was pregnant people said all kinds of crazy things to me:

“You look like the octuplet women!” (I am not lying, someone actually said this to me.)

“You need to check with your doctor again, I’m sure its twins.”

“You’re going to have that baby any day now!” (6 months preggo)

“I can’t believe you weigh that much!”

and then after the baby came someone said:  “I’m sooo glad you lost all that weight, I was getting worried.”

Its true, I did have a watermelon-sized belly when I was pregnant.



I think maybe I looked like an alien, because strangers and acquaintances alike (even people who had themselves been pregnant) felt the need to basically scream in horror at the site of my cone-head of a belly.

I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight (and have been for over two-years now) which also seems to draw some attention, so a few have asked for my thoughts:


1-It takes 9 months to put it on, don’t feel bad if it takes 9 months to remove it.  A lot of times it won’t but it seems kind of reasonable.  Gotta’ say, a friend shared that one with me 7 years ago, it took a lot of pressure off!

2-Everybody is different.

3-Yes I am “skinny” but I promise my body is not the same shape it was.

4-Exercise immediately.  I did Kegals in the hospital bed.  Really, its true!

5-Don’t deprive yourself, but have discipline.  I tend to be a mostly healthy eater and I exercise regularly.  So when I am trying to lose weight, I add a few more things to my routine:  I weigh myself daily, don’t eat after 9pm, and only eat dessert every other day.  It works for me.  You have to find out what works for you.

6-Breastfeed if you can.

7-Drink a lot of water.  Now go drink some more!


I attended a class with a lot of new and soon-to-be moms over the weekend.  They asked the OB-GYN speaking how long it takes for your body to return to “normal”.  She said years and at the same time it doesn’t ever really return.  Sorry for the bad news.

Her message and mine, just get yourself healthy!

Cheers to your health!  XO


PS:  If you have trouble with your own self-discipline, why not try an accountability group.  My cousin has helped many people through online weight-loss accountability groups.  I can send you in her info if you are interested.



  1. Very helpful. I have been doing these things and the weight has been coming off again. (In the first month I lost a lot of weight- then I got stuck about 5 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight.) I agree with the exercise- I started going for walks with the baby and doing some yoga moves right after he was born. The 9 month thing is a great point- and it makes sense. I didn’t gain a ton of weight with the pregnancy but I was surprised that it took a while for the weight to come off. Thank you!!

  2. Thanks, Amy! Very helpful tips. I’d heard of the 9-month mantra and am clinging to that. I had to go back to work when L was 8 weeks, and unfortunately have decided to put a dedicated time to exercise on hold. The transition of an entirely new schedule with long commutes while still not sleeping, and needing to maintain our church/social obligations led me to decide that I need to get in the groove of these items (which honestly has been overwhelming in and of itself) and then work exercise in later. But its hard. Not only do not many of my work clothes fit, but I’m also really achy all over. I feel like yoga would do wonders for me. Anyways, I digress…. any exercise suggestions for a working mom who still isn’t getting a full night’s sleep? … I also have this sneaking suspicion that breastfeeding is actually keeping on some of the lbs… like my body needs “reserves”… ever heard anyone else with that theory? Thanks for letting me commandeer the comments section for new discussions! 😉

    1. 🙂

      It is not easy to work in exercise with that kind of schedule, I would encourage you to keep in mind that some is better than none…like do 50 jumping jacks before you get in the shower or lunge walk to and from the washing machine/dryer and where you fold your clothes. You definitely have to get creative with the multitasking. I did eventually decide to add yoga to my routine regularly and it is awesome if you can, but not always doable in the beginning. And YES I have heard many people say that they feel their bodies are holding on to reserves while breastfeeding. To which I would say, try eating a little more often (healthy foods) and drink more water, like almost a liter a feeding so maybe your body doesn’t feel like it has to hold the reserves. Maybe it’ll work and maybe not. Let me know how it goes! 🙂

  3. Very good advice! I think women put waaaaay too much pressure on themselves to get “back to normal” asap after giving birth, and it is just not realistic. Our bodies are incredible things and are able to create life…it will get “back to normal” when it damn well pleases, hehe.

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