Groceries for a Family of 5 for Under $100 WITHOUT Clipping Coupons!!!

I am always working hard to trim my grocery budget because, lets face it, it is one of the only bills that I have very much control over from month-to-month.

In the last few months, I had been spending $130 on average every 10 days (down from $175 or so that I had been spending prior). During that time we had some unexpected medical bills and our car was totaled (hit from behind; everyone was safe, but the car was totaled).  So I had to do even better. I challenged myself to a $110 budget.  I brought along my oldest child for the trip and he was in on the challenge too!  When we got the receipt back for $80.10 my son high-fived me.  He didn’t even miss all the extras we left on the shelves to save all that dough!

As the title says, I do it without clipping coupons.  Good for you if you do clip coupons, but I have tried several times and they just don’t work for me.

Instead I work with a meal plan, shop sales, purchase very few to zero household products, and limit treats.  Also with very few exceptions my family drinks water.  Usually using these habits I stay around $130, but when I decided to really push it worked.  I will still give myself $110 to work with  in the future because I did have a few staples on hand but I hope I continue to have this kind of success.

For my $80.10 trip you may be wondering what I was able to get:

For breakfasts:



3 cartons of eggs (some will be for breakfast dinner)

Bread for toast

1 pint Blueberries

2 bags Frozen strawberries and bananas for smoothies


For lunches:

1 Watermelon

Turkey breast

Bread (4 loaves including breakfast)

Jar of peanut butter




Organic Carrots-I do not try to buy all organic because I can’t, but if the price is close I will splurge (also will use a few for one soup)

Pineapple fruit cups in 100% juice

Pear fruit cups in 100% juice

New york cheddar cheese (mom and dad eat snacks at night ;-))

Micro wave popcorn



Head of broccoli

1 lb Chicken breasts (boneless, skin-less)

2 lbs Ground turkey

Bag of onions

Mini Bell peppers (also for snacks)


Frozen Brussel sprouts

Blueberry pancake mix (for breakfast dinner)

Pint of blueberries (so yes that makes 2 pints)

Cheddar cheese (for taco night)

1 carton of vegetable stock

1 bag of frozen chicken tenderloins (about 2 lbs)

1 jar of tomato sauce-sometimes I make my own-not this time.  LOL

2 boxes of penne

Chicken thighs (bone in, skin on)

Corn on the cob

Iceberg lettuce

1 can of corn


Extra household:

Gallon slider zip bags for my daughter’s school



Tub of mint chocolate chip ice cream


A few items I already had on hand but may have bought: rice, beans, jelly, honey, coffee, tea, agave nectar, oil, vinegar, tortillas, and taco shells.

Here’s my receipt:



How I Feed My Family of 5 for Under $100 WITHOUT Clipping Coupons!!!

I will post my meal plan in the future.  🙂



    1. We are in South Florida-so I used to think it wasn’t possible either. But then an ALDI came to town and we are getting Trader Joes in a few much which I am super excited about.

      1. I have only one real grocery store in town and we are nowhere near crops of any kind (too far north to grow anything), so produce is expensive. I keep hearing about ALDI – maybe one day I can experience it for myself!!

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