No Discipline Seems Pleasant

As kids move from baby, to toddler, to big kid and on, one of our main jobs as parents is to equip them to fly out of the nest and build their  own.  We had kids pretty early into our marriage with the hopes of  having some time to ourselves again one day.

The day-to-day training of table-manners, kind speech, following directions, navigating the new technologies that are introduced by the second, not to mention enjoying our family can be taxing.

Just when I feel I have a discipline plan in place, my kids seem to adapt.  Maybe they get used to sitting quietly in time-out, they find something else to do while the rest of the family enjoys their dessert or whatever.

One way to keep the discipline relevant and creative is through life-consquences:  you break it, you buy it; you ignore the direction to wear a jacket, you feel cold; you track mud into the house, you clean it.


But sometimes it feels like the only one suffering from their behavior is me (and maybe my husband.)  Like when they break something they couldn’t afford anytime in the next 10 years, or when they are speaking in a whiny voice to get their way.  I know you parents know what I’m saying.

What creative discipline ideas have you tried?